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Nick Loeb vs. Sen. Bill Nelson? A Coming Clash of Cash and Charisma

On the day his girlfriend, Sofia Vergara, appeared on the cover of Parade magazine, Nick Loeb told Sunshine State News he is still considering a run for U.S. Senate in Florida.

The article referenced a possible bid by Loeb, and the South Florida businessman did nothing to discourage Republican supporters.

"Americans are tired of lifelong politicians continuing to play politics. Americans are looking for someone who has real world experience, who can stand on their own beliefs and that are not beholden to other groups that back them financially," Loeb told me Sunday.

Early polls in the GOP Senate contest show a plurality of undecided voters. A straw poll conducted by the Sarasota Republican Party showed 46 percent still undeclared.

Loeb, who has run for Delray Beach City Council and aborted a campaign for state Senate, has demonstrated he can raise money quickly and reportedly has millions of his own to spend.

Having Vergara at his side doesn't hurt either. The Emmy-nominated actress on ABC's "Modern Family" is a Colombia immigrant who holds generally conservative views on immigrant assimilation and other subjects.

Whoever emerges from the GOP primary will need plenty of cash and organization to take on incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, says veteran Republican consultant Roger Stone.

"Nelson is so inoffensive he dyes his easter eggs white. He may have orbited the Earth one time too many. He's no genius but he's a genuinely nice guy," Stone said.

Loeb, who appears to have plenty of charisma and smarts, says he won't make any campaign announcements until after the Emmys award program on Sept. 18.

Stay tuned.

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