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NRCC Slams Joe Garcia Over 'Communism Works' Comments, Iran in New Ads

The National Republican Congressional Committee is going after Joe Garcia in a new series of attack ads hitting the web and radio airwaves Wednesday.

The ads warns how sending Garcia back to U.S. Congress would be "dangerous" for Florida voters.

An announcer hits the former congressman for comments he made in the past about communism and on issues regarding the Middle East.

“Garcia said its been proven that communism works," says the announcer. "But there’s more. Garcia supports the nuclear deal with Iran, allowing $150 billion to flow to the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism, giving Iran a path to nuclear weapons. Joe Garcia: He’s not just embarrassing, he’s dangerous.”

The NRCC radio ad expands on those remarks, featuring audio from a Google Hangout where he said "communism works" when discussing immigration. 

“Joe Garcia really did say that," the NRCC says, then moving onto Garcia's support of the nuclear deal with Iran, which it says is the "biggest sponsor of terrorism."

Garcia is currently running against U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo for Florida's 26th Congressional District.





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