Obama White House to Respond to Florida Secession Petition

A citizens' petition begging the White House to allow Florida to secede peacefully from the United States has reached the required threshold which should trigger an official response from the Obama administration. The Daily Caller reports:

"Less than a week after a New Orleans suburbanite petitioned the White House to allow Louisiana to secede from the United States, petitions from seven states have collected enough signatures to trigger a promised review from the Obama administration.

"By 6:00 a.m. EST Wednesday, more than 675,000 digital signatures appeared on 69 separate secession petitions covering all 50 states, according to a Daily Caller analysis of requests lodged with the White House’s 'We the People' online petition system.

"A petition from Vermont, where talk of secession is a regular feature of political life, was the final entry.

"Petitions from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas residents have accrued at least 25,000 signatures, the number the Obama administration says it will reward with a staff review of online proposals."

{Source: "White House 'Secede' Petitions Reach 675,000 Signatures, 50-State Participation"}

Florida's petition currently has almost 29,000 signatures.

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7:18PM APR 18TH 2013
I'd LOL at this bunch of racists craps, its so sad the most powerful country of the world its just a land full of psychos, haters, racists, killers, terrorists.

U should take a gun in front each other and shoot all the time, leavin the land for people who want to live it.

12:11AM MAR 27TH 2013
If the whitehouse would just leave the constitution alone, I believe this would all go away, always meddling with it has already divided this country. I could care less about the NWO or NATO. I'm sorry about all this racial crap I didn't even know it was still that way. You can't disarm us even if you take all the guns. I personally can build any size cannon, howitzer, and ammo I've ever heard of, so why even try? It will cause a shooting evolution right here in the states and I fairly sure quite a few of the millatary
2:16AM MAR 27TH 2013
Would protect the constitution just like the oath we all took. If you don't want a gun don't buy one. Usually the people that don't need a gun are the ones who want them banned, and the ones who do need them will fight the ones who dont, try living down town with people knowing your protection is weak. Your screwed. The old people in particular would be targeted. Lowlifes don't care if its a grandmother , rape murder no problem, they respect no life not even their own. But they do respect fire power, at which point the terrible ar 15 with its thirty round mag instantly becomes a life SAVER. Just because it MAY be in the house. I get people who feel safe dont like them but people who don't feel safe love them.
12:11AM MAR 27TH 2013
If the whitehouse would just leave the constitution alone, I believe this would all go away, always meddling with it has already divided this country. I could care less about the NWO or NATO. I'm sorry about all this racial crap I didn't even know it was still that way. You can't disarm us even if you take all the guns. I personally can build any size cannon, howitzer, and ammo I've ever heard of, so why even try? It will cause a shooting evolution right here in the states and I fairly sure quite a few of the millatary
8:26PM DEC 10TH 2012
the state of florida voted for president obama. therefore, those who want to secede should keep in mind that not only are they in the MINORITY, but they should GET A LIFE. our president has been ELECTED BY THE MAJORITY, so GROW UP, and go do something USEFUL with your life!
3:39AM MAR 23RD 2013
I could care less if he's the prez, Florida would be better off without dc telling us how to live, that much less criminal control of we the people is what we need.
9:21PM NOV 18TH 2012
Operation Coconut Storm? Maybe Retard Apocalypse would be a better name. Assuming a peaceful succession, how long do you think we could hold our own on 3 oceanfronts with no Navy or Coast Guard? What about militant hate groups who decide they what to make there own rules? America will blockade us... no goods coming in. No gas for your car. No coal or uranium for our power plants.
3:46AM NOV 18TH 2012
Looks like the South is Gonna RISE AGAIN!!!!
A Voice
1:46AM NOV 18TH 2012
ok this is off subject but... today i seen a man being arrested and while he was in cuffs and on the ground the cops began kicking this man in the head . im sorry to post this but the image of this mans head bouncing off the sidewalk will stick with me for a while. and all he was doing was holding a sign to impeach obama. is this what we have to come to??
A Voice
12:28AM NOV 17TH 2012
i hope this isnt what it has come to , a racist issue , obama is just the fall guy for the government , they screw up and he catchs the blame same with if romney or even clinton was president , obama is just a fall guy to take the blame. what we need to do is stand up to our federal government and place the blame where it should be , but on the other hand the president gets paid to be the fall guy so screw em all
1:17PM NOV 16TH 2012
The liberation of Florida shall SOON BEGIN !!!

The name of this action is "OPERATION COCONUT STORM !!!"
A Voice
9:59PM NOV 16TH 2012
its time to crack this coconut !!!
A Voice
3:49PM NOV 16TH 2012
and where did you come up with this name , is this even real , or is it a joke on the people
11:58PM NOV 15TH 2012
This is real. Dont stop freedom from happening get rid of the federal government and let us be free!! Its about time somebody grew a pair and started all of this. FREE FLORIDA LET US BE OUR OWN!!
8:30PM DEC 10TH 2012
the MAJORITY of voters in florida voted for obama. so if you want "freedom", move to another country!
3:44AM MAR 23RD 2013
Have you seen the interviews of Obama voters, complete morons, and Biden with his shotgun theory, the lunatic would've killed many more faster
A Voice
9:57PM NOV 16TH 2012
FREE FLORIDA !!!!!!!!!!!!
A Voice
6:37PM NOV 15TH 2012
i have notice a few people talking about united we stand , divided we fall ... this comes from decades upon decades of relying on either our government or other states , we dont need to rely. country folk will survive, and supply for those who cant. its called southern hospitality , but on the other end of that stick is southern hostility what side do you want
Mark McCurdy
8:06PM DEC 3RD 2012
I would prefer a new country where everytime our children change the channel on TV, they are not brainwashed to believe that it is perfectly acceptable for white girly to have sex and marry black boys. Thats all we see today in commercials, movies, sitcoms and other programming. Its always the black male dominating a white female. Its never any other way with any other race. The south freed the black man, now they have moved into our homes trying to take our kids. Another civil war is needed now. Get the message?
5:14PM NOV 15TH 2012
Fools. Individuals did not join the Union. States did. If you want to petition anyone for secession, it should be the states. Individuals did not leave the US in 1861. States did. We are not subjects and the president is not a king. We do not need to petition him.

You would think an attorney like Eric Giunta would be aware of this.
Listened in history class
11:17AM NOV 15TH 2012
The last time states seceded we fought a civil war. War WILL happen if some state(s) secede. If secession happens there's no way that two nations this powerful can coexist with such an intermingled history and culture. Also, these two nations would naturally seek to conquer each other, for their own safety, hoping to subdue the other before foreign powers begin casting lots to see who gets to carve up the cracking America.
That being said, the last time we fought a civil war it was horrendously destructive, and we had only just invented metal ships. Now we have nukes. Silos in most every border and coastal state. If we fight a civil war with each other, it wont be like last time. We will all burn, and Ill take Obama over that any day
11:58PM MAR 26TH 2013
This should not be considered a civil war it is a revolution against the gov, we need a gov but one that does what it swore to do and that's not what's happening . The U.S. can get past this we just need to use our heads, contemplate, plan then plan for contingency's. you have to expect people who 've been unaware of what's happening to our rights,not to see eye to eye. We dhs banned and dismantled, we need our privacy restored. Kill the patriot act, get the spies the hell away from and out of our personal lives. These are easily done and simply American request.
3:08PM NOV 15TH 2012
There was a meeting of Tea Party and Republican Party members last night. There was 100% consensus - we WANT to secede, and if necessary, we'll draw arms and FIGHT. Brother against Brother, Neighbor against Neighbor ... so be it. This is more than a CIVIL war, it's a HOLY war pitting us (preservers of what is right, good and sacred) against Satan worshipping communists. The minorities have ruined our country and it's time to either take it back with force, or secede and form our own NEW union, where we can do the necessary ethnic and cultural cleansing to get us back on track. I AM ready to fight - TODAY!
11:48PM MAR 26TH 2013
Dude calm down, all we need is to insist they stick to the constitution, we don't need a bunch of racial crap, were all the same like it or not, but we must preserve the sacred documents that every soldier of the states has sworn to protect. If they kill the constitution I DO want to secede .
6:27PM NOV 15TH 2012
You are seriously THEE dumbest piece of [filtered word] I have ever seen in my life.
1:13PM NOV 16TH 2012
The Republican Party Chair from Virginia said it himself yesterday ... Obama and all his satan worshippers are going straight to HELL! As for the rest of the nigras, most of em worship voodoo just like in Haiti. Theyre going to HELL HELL HELL too! NO MORE NIGGITIVITY! LET'S SECEDE AND TO HELL WITH THESE BASTARDS!
Also listened in History class
1:09PM NOV 15TH 2012
I couldn't agree with you more. These seperatists are not seeking to overthrow the current administration and establish a new one over the whole. They will end up tearing America apart, much like the Confederacy did right before the Civil War. What was that old proverb? United we stand, divided we fall.
A Voice
12:23PM NOV 15TH 2012
dont scare everyone , we can co exist just not under the same thumb of the federal government , government is breaking us apart putting its two and half cents where it is unwanted and unneeded. i say secede we will be firmly fine and coexist , it will bring the people closer together to have to work with one another, if any of the states threaten with nuclear warfare it will result in another cold war because nobody really wants to use a nuke it will effect the whole world. causing ww3. but if it comes to that we will be untied with our heavenly father. long live the lord
1:21PM NOV 16TH 2012

8:51PM NOV 18TH 2012
The second amendment will not apply to you if we secede....
nicholas j
10:41PM NOV 14TH 2012
I am nicholas j, Freedom For the State of Florida!
A Voice
9:40PM NOV 14TH 2012
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Gene Tracy
6:06PM NOV 14TH 2012
I'm ready to FIGHT FOR MY RIGHTS! We gave the blacks a chance and they screwed up this country badly. I'm in favor of seceding from the country, and forming a new southern state union with Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Arizona. We have arms manufacturers in each state and are ready to FIGHT!
11:21AM NOV 15TH 2012
Im a veteran, although a woman i too am ready to fight for Texas. Im tired of having government forcing healthcare down our necks, spread the wealth, and gay marriage and abortions etc... im ready to defend my rights!
Davis Family of Florida
6:39PM NOV 14TH 2012
We hear that.
Gene Tracy
6:11PM NOV 14TH 2012
And by the way, this is why the second amendment was created. The right to bear arms arose from the right to challenge an oppressive, overbearing, oppressive government. Right now, our government is run by communists and socialists hell bent on destroying the white man's way of life. Do unto them ... before they DO UNTO YOU!
Gene Tracy
6:11PM NOV 14TH 2012
And by the way, this is why the second amendment was created. The right to bear arms arose from the right to challenge an oppressive, overbearing, oppressive government. Right now, our government is run by communists and socialists hell bent on destroying the white man's way of life. Do unto them ... before they DO UNTO YOU!
7:08PM NOV 14TH 2012
Silly to even entertain this but I find it amusing! If it ever came down to fighting, the shotgun you use to shoot Bambi wouldn't suffice. I am afraid the "blue" states are in better shape than the Union was during the Civil War and your rebellion would be no more than a skirmish. Might last a day or two, only because I am sure the powers that be would pity you having once been an American. When are you people gonna start burning the American Flag?
7:33PM MAR 28TH 2013
This isn't a civil war , it's a revolution against being completely stripped of the constitution. Losing rights of self preservation, and freedom from big brother. Being able to defend oneself, everyone doesn't live in the same conditions or in a safe environment . Everybody isn't rich. I live on the same rd I was born on. Since childhood I've had to put up fences, put dogs in the yard and arm myself. Where I live is unsafe if your not armed and dangerous and present a very bad place for lowlifes to try.
11:40PM MAR 26TH 2013
Are you going to stick with a president that's using the constitution to wipe his butt with.
Chris V
9:24PM NOV 14TH 2012
Lincoln had the same mistaken belief that the Confederacy would fall in less than 6 months.

Things that the Blues are not remembering is that the south is where a disproportionate amount of military recruiting comes from. It would be a repeat of The War of Northern Oppression (I can not call it a civil war, it was far from civil, not two mention a civil war implies that its one country, when at that time the Confederacy was in fact sovereign, as evidenced by the States of the Confederacy having to be readmitted to the Union). Soldiers would be torn, between loyalty to the State they are from and a Federal Government. In the end I believe you would see a greatly deteriorated US Army.

Additionally you must consider that some of these states can legitimately sustain themselves. For example Texas is rich in oil and the export of Texan oil to the United States would generate HUGE revenues, and Florida would still be a vacation spot of choice for the world, as it has been as a part of the United States.

Don't let historians fool you, the War of Northern Aggression was not fought to free the slaves, it was simply a political move by Lincoln to garner support for a war that was failing for the Union. Slavery was not at the core of the war, taxation was. Southern states did most of their import and export business with Europe, and Northern states did not. Lincoln wanted to pass more taxes in order to stimulate the growth of Northern manufacturing, take from wealthy southern states and give to poorer northern states. And the same thing happens still.

Obama is right when he compares himself to Lincoln, and those who have taken the time to research Lincoln know that he was as evil as Milošević. And while there are similarities and differences one thing is self evident, both men divided Americans to the point that many would rather their state leave the union as a whole, not because we are unpatriotic, but because we are subject to a government that was designed to be there only to assure American citizens that the state would not deprive them of constitutionally guaranteed rights.

This grant of power was not intended to bring about forced health insurance or a welfare system funded by the federal government, as a matter of fact those are things that the state should pass and ratify on behalf of its citizens, funded by the citizens of that state.

You can argue that the Secessionist's are right wing nuts, and some are. I dare say a greater majority of those Secessionist's are patriots that are tired of the abuses of Washington and have decided that rather than continue to watch our own economies sink...we want out.

Some may feel this is treasonous, others patriotic. The bottom line is America was not founded to be this way. If you didn't like how Georgia was governed you were free to move to New Hampshire and still have your fundamental rights to bear arms, and free speech protected. We now have a federal government that does not respect the wishes of the governed (EX California voted to legalize medicinal marijuana, but the Feds have time and again incarcerated business operators who operate within the law of the state) WAKE UP AMERICA...
1:10PM NOV 16TH 2012
what's going on, fellow secessionists? when do we FIGHT?
3:13PM NOV 15TH 2012
Let me clue you in ... if this results in a military conflict, the SOUTH WILL WIN! We have weapons manufacturers all over Florida, Georgia, Texas and elsewhere who gladly side with us over that n*gger. Expect quite a few other military members to desert the so called "Union" and join forces with US! If they want to wage war to stop us from seceding, I say bring it on!
8:55PM NOV 18TH 2012
The south didn't win last time.....
11:35PM MAR 26TH 2013
This isn't north and south crap it's about the constitution period, and the way the gov is using it for toilet paper.
6:32PM NOV 15TH 2012
Again, you're the most idiotic piece of trash I've ever witnessed.
lynn neill
5:22PM NOV 14TH 2012
today is the day to leave,,,,
Gene Tracy
6:08PM NOV 14TH 2012
I'M WITH YOU! Let's leave NOW! I'm a big fan of your governor and i'm in favor of making him the southern state president. Are you willing to fight if necessary? I am!
lynn neill
5:21PM NOV 14TH 2012
im ready,,today
Chris Qualmann
5:21PM NOV 14TH 2012
This is insane! What good will come of this? I, for one, DON'T agree with seceding from the Union, and based on the election results, the majority of Floridians don't either. If you don't like the country, then why not just leave? Is this something you want to fight and go to war over? If so, then let's get it on!

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