Open Carry Advocates Gearing Up in 5 States Including Florida

Having held five events over the weekend, Second Amendment advocates continue to promote changing laws in Florida to allow citizens to openly carry holstered handguns. Open carry was legal in Florida until 1987 when Janet Reno, then an assistant state attorney in South Florida, lobbied the Legislature to ban the practice save in some situations -- namely hunting, fishing and at firing ranges.

“The Janet Reno open carry ban will be repealed,” said Sean Caranna of Florida Open Carry.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott vowed to change the law during the campaign and Second Amendment advocates are expecting open carry to pass in 2011. Right now, there are seven states that do not allow open carry--and there is a chance that number will decrease soon.

“Open carry will be legalized in Oklahoma in the next legislative session, and probably Florida as well,” said John Pierce, a spokesman for “Once that happens, South Carolina, Texas, and Arkansas will probably follow suit.”

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12:30AM NOV 13TH 2010
It better be unlicensed open carry. Right now, Florida has NO right to BEAR arms. Having to get a permit to carry concealed or open is a privilege granted by massa, not a right. Florida should get unlicensed open carry. Then, when the sky doesn't fall, go for unlicensed concealed carry a la, vermont, alaska, or arizona. It's so freaking hot here, it's unbelievable we don't have OC for that alone!
1:14PM NOV 11TH 2010
Following the historical and long-overdue Supreme Court McDonald ruling, the argument is no longer Open vs Concealed carry!

The rally cry is now CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY.

Americans have the fundamental right to keep and BEAR arms, openly or concealed, for any legal purpose including but not limited to self-defense.

Drop the Open vs Concealed argument and go for the whole enchilada.

Thank you.

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