Pam Bondi, AHCA Release Annual Medicaid Fraud Report

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) Secretary Liz Dudek on Thursday jointly released the annual Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Report. A few of the highlights include:

• Return on Investment: For every $1 spent to prevent fraud and abuse or to recover Medicaid funds due to fraud and abuse, the state of Florida gains $6.80.

• Terminated providers: In 2011, the AHCA's Bureau of Medicaid Program Integrity (MPI) revoked the Medicaid prescribing rights of 437 non-Medicaid providers who were prescribing "pill mill" type drugs. 

• Total dollars recouped: Last year, the state collected: $44.2 million in overpayments, $200,000 in investigation costs, $5 million in fines/sanctions and $300,000 in interest. Additionally, Bondi's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit collected $74.2 million in federal Medicaid overpayments and the AHCA's Third Party Liability Unit recovered $148.1 million.

“Our collaborative efforts with the Agency for Health Care Administration have resulted in tremendous financial recoveries on behalf of taxpayers,” Bondi said in a press release. “We will continue to work steadfastly toward the shared goal of ensuring that Medicaid dollars go to helping the needy rather than to those who defraud the system.”

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12:54PM JAN 4TH 2013
Yes - "For every $1 spent to prevent fraud and abuse or to recover Medicaid funds due to fraud and abuse, the state of Florida gains $6.80" . . . . . so why would she:

(1) Leave unfilled 23 Medicaid Fraud unit positions, resulting in the loss of $1.89 million in federal funding . . .
(2) Experience a 9% drop in cases opened
(3) Experience a 15% decline in prosecution referrals
(4) Drop Medicaid Program Integrity audits by 22%
(5) Experience a 23% decline in arrest warrants

Hmmmm . . . . .

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