Pam Bondi Encourages Adoption of 'Socks'

In her ongoing efforts to encourage Floridians to adopt shelter dogs, Attorney General Pam Bondi included Socks, a year-old Border Collie/Lab mix, during the annual Christmas tree presentation ceremony in the Florida Capitol on Dec. 11.

Pam Bondi and Socks
This wasn’t the first time Bondi had a shelter dog from the Tallahassee Animal Shelter Foundation to the Capitol. In October a shelter dog made an appearance at a Cabinet meeting as part of “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month."

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Sherry Groff
5:06PM DEC 30TH 2012
Thank you Pam for having such a compassionate heart for our fur-friends!
Colleen Fahey
3:23PM DEC 21ST 2012
Socks was adopted by someone who met him at the tree lighting ceremony! Another life saved! Thank you Pam Bondi for helping the shelter animals.
Jeanie Boshoven
1:01PM DEC 21ST 2012
What a great idea !! Maybe a 'sure thing' that everyone of the dogs would melt hearts and get adopted !?
Good for you, Pam !!!!
Katherine McGill
12:35PM DEC 21ST 2012
AG Pam Bondi: as an animal lover, voter and active member of the League of Humane Voters (FL) PAC for animals, we salute you! We need more legislative leaders like you. Keep up that great work :)

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