Pam Bondi to Host Conference on Crime in the Black Community

Attorney General Pam Bondi will host the 27th Annual National Conference on Preventing Crime in the Black Community, May 16-18 in Tampa.

“This conference is the perfect opportunity for law enforcement, local leaders, and members of the community to work together to share new ideas and strategies to prevent crime in our communities,” Bondi stated in a release.

The conference was established by the attorney general’s office in 1986 to showcase innovative ideas that encourage crime prevention in the black community.

The Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys, housed within the attorney general’s office, will hold two meetings during the conference. The council studies conditions affecting black men and boys, including: homicide rates, arrest and incarceration rates, poverty, violence, drug abuse, death rates, disparate annual income levels, school performance, and health.

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