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Pam Bondi Trashes Obamacare

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi had some choice words on Obamacare on FOX News Tuesday morning. Bondi appeared on the news channel's "FOX & Friends" to give her insight about the newest twist in the federal health-care law after the Obama administration announcedon Friday it would be delaying requirements that health care insurance exchanges run by the states need to verify applicants eligibility for subsidized health care coverage.

Bondi was particularly critical of fraud prevention.The Department of Health and Human Services announced on Friday there will only be random income eligibility checks rather than a more comprehensive review for the health care plan's first year.In order for an individual to receive subsidies, an enrollee's income must be between 100 percent to 400 percent of the federal poverty level.

Sixteen states and the District of Columbia have chosen to have their own exchanges, and the remainder of the states have elected to choose the federal exchange. Florida will not have its own exchange.Exchanges are set to begin offering coverage Oct. 1. The provisions allowuntil 2015 to begin checking if enrollees also have employer-based health insurance.

Bondi explained there would be little fraud prevention with the relaxed requirements. In Florida, only the income regulation applies.

Here, now, we have nothing to prevent fraud, she began. Anyone can come and say they qualify for this and there is absolutely no verification. "Im not saying everyone is going to commit fraudbut when you open something up thats vulnerable, it invites fraud."

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