Pam Bondi Gains Support of Police Chiefs for AG Bid

The Chiefs for Quality Law Enforcement, a committee of continuous existence affiliated with the Florida Police Chiefs, backed Pam Bondi, the Republican candidate for attorney general, over Democratic rival Sen. Dan Gelber of Miami Beach -- the first time the group ever made an endorsement for that Cabinet position.

“Pam Bondi has the courtroom-tested leadership that law enforcement can count on and should look for in Florida’s next attorney general,” said Amy Mercer, who chairs the committee. “Our state’s top cop should be someone who can maximize our law enforcement resources to fight gangs and other crimes and build relationships with our police chiefs to better protect our children, families and neighborhoods. Pam Bondi will be that leader for Florida’s law enforcement.”

“The police chiefs of our state and their law enforcement teams are on the front lines fighting for our safety every day,” said Bondi who played up her almost two decades of work in the state attorney‘s office.

‘I was blessed to work with countless law enforcement officers during my career as a prosecutor, and having their support in my campaign for attorney general is a tremendous honor for me,” added Bondi. “If elected, I look forward to once again joining forces to protect our citizens.”

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