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Vote-By-Mail Ballots Soar Over 500,000 for August Primary

Over 500,000 Florida voters have cast their ballots by mail for the August primary, according to the latest numbers from the Florida Division of Elections. 

Around 535,000 vote-by-mail ballots have officially been returned to the the state, with over 257,000 of those ballots coming from Republicans. 

Another 205,000 ballots came from Democrats while 61,000 No Party Affiliation voters cast their primary ballots. 

Historically speaking, Republicans tend to return more vote-by-mail ballots, while Democrats tend to turn out in higher rates for early voting. 

Floridians requesting the ballots have had a little over two weeks to fill them out, since election supervisors began mailing ballots July 26.

The statewide primary elections will be held Aug. 30. 


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