Rep. John Mica Named American 'Port Person of the Year'

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman John Mica was named "Port Person of the Year" by the American Association of Port Authorities on Tuesday.

Mica, R-Orlando, speaking to a gathering of the nation’s port leaders in Washington on the AAPA’s 100th anniversary, called ports "the nation’s gateways and economic engines."

“At the end of this fiscal year, the balance in the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund will exceed $7 billion. The transportation reauthorization pending in the House calls for investing all available Trust Fund resources in maintaining our harbors," he said.

Taking a page from energetic port proponent Florida Gov. Rick Scott -- or is that the other way around? -- Mica declared:

“With larger and larger ships engaging in international trade and tourism, and the expansion of the Panama Canal, significant economic and employment opportunities are available to the United States, but only if our port and harbor infrastructure is ready for these challenges.”

In the wake of redistricting, Mica, a 10-term congressman, will face freshman Rep. Sandy Adams, R-Orlando, in a GOP primary in the newly drawn 7th Congressional District this summer.

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