Rep. Randolph Wants Billing Records for Redistricting Lawsuit

State Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando, asked Speaker Dean Cannon Thursday for expenditure records related to a lawsuit the House is waging against a Fair Districts constitutional amendment approved by voters last year.

It is the second time he has requested the information, as a previous attempt was rebuffed by Cannon over concerns the records would divulge the chamber's legal strategy. The House and U.S. Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart, a Republican, and Corrine Brown, a Democrat, are fighting an amendment that requires the Florida Legislature to draw new legislative and congressional districts without favoring incumbents or racial or language minorities.

Randolph says he is "politely" making his request again before seeking a legal solution, and doesn't believe billing records would give away legal strategy.

"I have respectfully requested to review certain billing records and have, instead, received a letter of denial from the House general counsel. Rather than move directly to litigation over this matter, I am politely requesting again that your office release these records per Florida's public records laws," the letter to Cannon states.

He also takes Cannon to task over his logic in denying the request.

"It is difficult to believe that past billing records would disclose current litigation strategy or legal theory. I would expect your attorneys to have the good sense to put that in work product memos -- not in the middle of a billing record," the letter states.

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