Report: Two Florida Congressmen Kept Earmarks in the Family

Nearly 40 members of the House of Representatives earmarked $150 million to organizations affiliated with themselves and their family members, and two Florida congressmen are among the leaders.
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington reported that Rep. Bill Young, R-St. Petersburg, earmarked a combined $16.6 million to two sons’ employers.

In 2008, Young herded $4.4 million to defense contractor SAIC’s facility in St. Petersburg, where son Patrick is a security administrator. Another $8.5 million went to the National Forensic Science Technology Center, where son Billy is a senior consultant.

Rep. John Mica, R-Orlando, earmarked $13 million to his daughter’s client. Mica has five relatives who work as lobbyists, two brothers, a son and a nephew. His daughter, D’Anne, ran a public relations firm whose client, the Central Commuter Rail, received the $13 million, CREW said.

The center, which analyzed earmark activity from 2008 to 2010, found that 24 of the familial earmarkers were Democrats and 14 were Republicans. Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas, led the field by steering $28.3 million to the Trinity River Vision Authority, where her son is executive director.
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Lillian-coconut creek
4:02PM MAR 28TH 2012
Reports like this are the reason that we are voting for Obama/Biden this year. These republicans only take care of themselves and the rest of us have to live check to check.

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