Rick Perry Backer Matt Gaetz: Romney Supporters Voting for Herman Cain to 'Skew Results'

Florida state Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Shalimar, is backing Gov. Rick Perry of Texas for the Republican presidential nomination. Gaetz posted on Twitter on Saturday that supporters of former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts were voting for businessman Herman Cain in the RPOF Presidency 5 straw poll.

“Romney campaign is having their Presidency 5 delegates vote for Cain to skew results,” insisted Gaetz.

Cain has enjoyed some momentum in recent days and has ranked as one of the more popular candidates with P5 attendees.

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Patrick Rowe
3:43AM SEP 27TH 2011
Not surprising to me. The elite need anyone to get between Romney and Ron Paul in the standings. If Ron is in second place he can butcher Romney for being a NE rino. I like Herman Caine but Ron Paul will get to second place and then the race is on.
11:44PM SEP 24TH 2011
Romney Supporters Vote Multiple Times At Florida Straw Poll
10:00PM SEP 24TH 2011
How pathetic this is. It is already unfortunate that Perry is a poor candidate in the first place, without adding this attempt to blame someone else for his negative showing in the straw poll. It was a given that he would not do well, given his inability to articulate a clear position in every debate he has participated in thus far.
Stephen Monteith
9:08PM SEP 24TH 2011
If that's the case, then you should be thanking them for doing so. Otherwise, Romney would have trounced Perry, and the story would be: Rick Perry Loses Vote to Romney (Who Didn't Even Show Up).
8:36PM SEP 24TH 2011
This must be true coming from a Perry "backer" -- what a pathetic group of sore losers! Romney wasn't participating in this straw poll and didn't pay for any of his votes. How much did second place cost Perry?
7:41PM SEP 24TH 2011
Hilarious! Apparently Romney, despite not showing up, had enough supporters there to tie Perry AND put Cain over the top.
7:20PM SEP 24TH 2011
Can you say sour grapes?
David Ullery
7:02PM SEP 24TH 2011
On YouTube, you can see Romney supporters voting multiple times, so ... who knows?
6:57PM SEP 24TH 2011
Should this really surprise anyone? Wasn't there a Florida straw poll back in 07 where Romney supporters were caught on tape voting multiple times without any thing being said or done in order to beat Ron Paul in that straw poll. It's hard to trust any of these cats..
6:39PM SEP 24TH 2011
Any information that actually CONFIRMS this ??
11:46PM SEP 24TH 2011
Romney Supporters Vote Multiple Times At Florida Straw Poll

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