Rick Scott, Charlie Crist Tied in New Poll

The Florida gubernatorial contest is a jump ball according to a poll released by Gravis Marketing on Friday.

The poll finds both Gov. Rick Scott and Democratic challenger former Gov. Charlie Crist running even, taking 37 percent apiece. However, more than a quarter of those surveyed -- 26 percent -- remain undecided.

Most polls have shown the race tightening up as the double-digit lead Crist had last year has vanished.

The poll of 859 registered voters was taken from Aug. 14-24 and had a margin of error of +/- 4 percent. Of those voters, 73 percent of them identified themselves as “very likely” to vote while 17 percent said they were “likely to vote” and 10 percent were “somewhat likely to vote.” Most of the sample -- 80 percent -- was collected via phone but the remainder came from Internet panels.
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Billy Akerman
10:45PM SEP 2ND 2014
You poll is incorrect. You failed to include the Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie in the poll. Adrian is clearly the right choice, however you and the rest of the media refuse to stand up to the two party and do your job honestly, straight-forward and without bias.
Both Charlie Crist and Rick Scott have had their chance to prove themselves to Florida and they failed miserably. Why should we, who live in Florida, be fooled by the two party system?
8:04PM SEP 2ND 2014
Rick Scott is the biggest fraud Florida has ever seen. Vote Charlie Crist in November!
12:16PM SEP 2ND 2014
As a hispanic I am talking to fellow hispanics to get out the vote for Charlie Crist. Republicans do nothing but cheat and lie they are the issis of our country who want to do nothing but destroy it. While the president was being sworn in they were planning there campaign on how to obstruct everything the president would do after they destroyed the economy. We saw what they did during the government shutdown 50 billion lost in tax payer dollars, over 100 millon lost in trying to repeal the ACA. They should all be locked up for treason.
10:37AM SEP 2ND 2014
Why vote between 2 known liars? Florida, we are fortunate enough not to
be stuck picking one liar or the other this time. We actually have an
alternative. Take advantage of the opportunity. Adrian Wyllie deserves
my vote. He is a honest average Floridian just as you and I , that is
willing to stand up and do something for the interest of all of us here
in Florida. The other candidates both Republican and Democrat are owned
and controlled by special interest, like puppets and will lie to your
face to gain your vote, then continue the same old agenda that we
complain about year after year. Time to get off this merry-go-round,
election after election, thinking it will be any different. Take a
stand, vote for the candidate that loves this state and is willing to
take time out of his life, effort and money to SERVE the people of
Florida and stop voting for these ‘paid for’ career politicians that are
only out for money and fame and have zero interest in us Floridians.
Even if it’s just for honesty alone, vote for Adrian Wyllie instead of
the other two (Scott/Crist) which are proven liars. The choice is yours
and yours alone, if you want the same old corruption and slap in the
face, go ahead and vote for one of the two puppets (Scott/Crist) OR do
what is right for our (yours and your children’s) future and vote for
Adrian Wyllie. Support him by donating to his campaign, spreading the
word and contribute to the super brochure program which I think is very
powerful. Visit his website today..
Fran k
9:23AM SEP 2ND 2014
Only an ignorant and uneducated voter could vote for Charlie Crist.

Any apparently Florida has many of them.
Rick Adams
7:14AM SEP 2ND 2014
No Adrian Wyllie? BOO! Here's Gravis Marketing's email and phone numbers: 1-800-371-3129/407-454-8600/sales@gravismarketing.com

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