Rick Scott Defends Rating Florida’s Elections Supervisors

Gov. Rick Scott defended a review of the state's supervisors of elections Wednesday on the radio.

"My whole administration is trying to come up with a way so you know how your dollars are being spent," Scott said during a lively interview with Bill Mick of WMMB 1240 AM in Melbourne.

After it was reported last month that a ratings survey was underway of the state's 67 elected supervisors based upon their work in the January Presidential Preference Primary, and supervisors complained, Scott agreed not to release the results.

Mick, defending Brevard County Supervisor Lori Scott, a Republican, contended that since the supervisors are elected, it is up to the voters to decide how they have done.

“We’ve harmed several very good Republican supervisors of elections across the state in an election year; that doesn’t seem to be a smart move,” Mick said.

Scott, with a focus on Palm Beach County, noted that the state has had a history of election problems.

“There are not just local elections, there are statewide elections and there are national elections," Scott said.

“Everything we do we can do better.”

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Sue Ford
10:52AM NOV 9TH 2012
Is Lori Scott related in any way to Gov. Scott?
11:44AM NOV 5TH 2013
I'd like to know the answer to that question also.
11:44AM NOV 5TH 2013
I'd like to know the answer to that question also.
3:54PM JUN 6TH 2012
Of course, this is just the next step in a long line of election shenanigans (i.e. secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering) aimed at attempting to capture the November election.

Why have such a list if you're not going to try to use it in some partisan manner, such as try and use it to remove elected officials for their supposed under-preformance (e.g. Palm Beach County).

My conspiracy theories - Either:

(1) the Governor will try and use this list to remove duly elected Democratic election supervisors for refusing to carry out his directive to illegally purge voter rolls in the face of Department of Justice cease and desist orders for that purge; or

(2) The Governor will use it to justify special takeover, oversight or review of the November election in those counties.

As to the "Scott agreed not to release the results" then why is the April survey and rankings attached to the link given in the much earlier article above?

I guess that's just another example of politics of the "Big Lie", like this whole ratings effort and the flawed basis for those rankings.

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