Rick Scott Far Outraises Charlie Crist in January Fundraising Reports

Gov. Rick Scott brought in a campaign haul four times larger than former Gov. Charlie Crist did in the month of January, according to campaign finance reports. 

Scott's "Let's Get to Work" political committee raked in $3.4 million for the month of January. When coupled with $743,000 in contributions to his campaign account, the governor brought in $4.1 million in the first month of 2014. 

Charlie Crist, on the other hand, didn't raise quite as much cash in January. According to finance reports, he brought in $637,000 through his "Charlie Crist for Florida" political committee and $375,000 from his own campaign, totaling $1,012,000 -- only a quarter of what Scott raised.

So far, Gov. Scott severely outpaces Crist in the fundraising game -- he's raised $32,263,000 so far while Crist, who announced he'd be running for governor in November, has raised a total of $5,048,000. 
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Rough and Ready
12:29PM FEB 11TH 2014
It shouldn't be "a race to see who gets the most campaign money" but, unfortunately, that often has a BIG effect. Let's see if Gov. Scott will be able to point out to the people of Florida the many 'funny' actions, discrepancies, flaws, lies and flip-flops of the former candidate for Senator, ie: as governor he 'borrowed' (with a promise to pay it back) from the tobacco settlement trust fund (Gov. Chiles) to balance the budget - was that fund paid back? His claim: I am “as conservative as you can get.” His vow that as a Republican in his run for Senate he would never leave the party if he appeared to be losing and, oh, guess he forgot that when he turned into an independent .. and isn't he now a Democrat? What will one do to win? Mr. Crist is just not honorable and certainly not trustworthy.
11:23AM FEB 11TH 2014
This isn't a race to see who gets the most campaign money. This race is for Governor of Florida and who will best represent the People of Florida. With Scott being 1930's reefer madness attitude against medical marijuana for those in need of this medicine that the people want, Scott's money won't win him votes.

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