Rick Scott Names Fiscal Conservatives to Economic Team

Incoming Gov. Rick Scott announced his economic team on Monday to help prepare the 2011 budget, and fiscal conservatives have to be delighted by his picks.

Heading up the team will be Donna Arduin, who led the Office of Policy and Budget under former Gov. Jeb Bush. She’s held similar positions in other states. She’ll be joined by Tad DeHaven of the Cato Institute; former Texas state Rep. Talmadge Heflin, who gained a national reputation for trimming the state budget; Randall Holcombe, a professor of economics at Florida State; legendary economist Arthur Laffler, who is credited by many with creating supply-side economics; and Robert McClure, president and CEO of the James Madison Institute.

Scott’s team has to have a budget in place by Feb. 4.

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11:18AM NOV 17TH 2010
Economics and SOUND "Constitutionally PROTECTED" Currency issues needs to be a "fiercely attacked" provision in Gov. Scott's agenda. Separating the GREAT State of FLORIDA from the failing "Central banking" systems of the Federal Reserve. You CAN NOT practice Fiscal responsibility with WORTHLESS paper!
4:16PM NOV 16TH 2010
That sounds great. We will watch and pray. Please do not get rid of the of the Dept of community Affairs they are our last hope to stop urban sprawl by our county commissioners. I've heard that you want to get rid of them.
Teresa A. Valdes
3:11PM NOV 16TH 2010
I love the front page of the News Journal ( day after election): OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!! That's a positive attitute!
Dick Brady
9:44AM NOV 16TH 2010
I can't think of any better team that Governor Scott could have put together. These are outstanding choices. I see better days ahead already for Florida.
10:39PM NOV 15TH 2010
Wow! Outstanding! Let's get to work!!
Sharon Taylor
8:48PM NOV 15TH 2010
This sounds like a good solid team and you can bet that the citizens will be hawkish in watching what they do. We have to keep them accountable.
Claudia Anderson
10:44PM NOV 15TH 2010
You got that right. May we all have "hawk eyes" as we watch and pray.

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