Rick Scott Names Two More to Public Safety Task Force

The 17-member task force studying Florida 's Stand Your Ground law grew by two members Monday when the governor's office announced the appointment of two veteran law enforcement officers.

Joining the Task Force on Citizen Safety and Protection are Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings of Orlando and David L. Perry of Tallahassee, chief of the Florida State University Police Department.

According to the governor's office announcement, the two appointees are the last members to join the group, which has been criticized by some FSU and Florida A&M students for failing to include college students.
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6:31AM APR 24TH 2012
Why not Jon Gutmacher? The man literally wrote the book on gun and self defense laws in FL. Nearly every CWFL class teaches right from his book!
10:01AM APR 29TH 2012
Mike: Quite right. He would be an excellent addition to the group studying this issue. However, common sense in this process is obviously out the window. The entire matter is simply a knee-jerk reaction to the Martin?Zimmerman case, and has been undertaken as a nod to the black community.
Although why we are going to such great lengths to placate 12% of our population at the expense of the rest is beyond me. After all, that 12% commits most of the violent crime in this country and is the primary reason we have SYG laws in the first place.

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