Rick Scott Names Two New Members to Transition Team

Gov.-elect Rick Scott named two members to his transition team on Wednesday and pledged that its members would not lobby the state for the next year.

Scott named Pat Gleason, currently working in Gov. Charlie Crist’s office as director of Cabinet affairs, to serve as “open government coordinator to the transition.” Scott also tapped Christopher Kise of Foley & Lardner to serve as the team’s counselor. Kise previously served as counselor to Crist and as state solicitor general.

Also on Wednesday, it was announced that the Scott transition team will be required to take this pledge:

“As a condition of my service as a member of the transition of Governor-elect Rick Scott, I pledge to act solely in the best interest of the people of the state of Florida, and to abide by all relevant laws. I further agree to perform only those activities that I have been directed to perform by an appropriate transition official and will use any information obtained in the course of those activities only for authorized purposes.”

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