Rick Scott to Obama: U.S. Should Be More Like Florida

Gov. Rick Scott spoke out in anticipation of President Barack Obama's arrival on Thursday to Jacksonville to discuss economic policies, urging the president to implement similar corporate tax cuts to help manufacturers. 

“The president said yesterday that you have to ‘be for something’ to help the country’s economy and that he will push for ‘new initiatives to help more manufacturers.’ In Florida, we now exempt 70 percent of businesses from paying the corporate income tax and we just eliminated the sales tax on manufacturing equipment," said Scott. "On the federal level, however, the United States now has the highest corporate income tax rate among developed countries across the world.

“High taxes hurt job creation, plain and simple. If the president wants to turn around our national economy as we have turned around the economy in Florida, he should follow Florida’s lead and cut the federal corporate income tax so more manufacturers and businesses can invest and create jobs.”

Obama is scheduled to speak at the Jacksonville Port Authority at 2:35 p.m.
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