Rick Scott, Out of Character, Flirts with Soledad O'Brien

Gov. Rick Scott, not exactly known for his charisma, showed a playful side of his personality to the host of CNN's "Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien," one that could take Florida voters by surprise.

Appearing on the morning political and news talk show, Scott touted his jobs numbers and said he wants Florida to be "a better bragger than Texas." 

"Governor Perry's always bragging about how great Texas is. Well look, 230,000 people moved here last year," Scott told O'Brien.

The governor went on to compare his positive job-creation numbers over the past two years with that of former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist who lost 800,000 jobs during his time in Florida's governor's mansion. Scott also pushed to drive Web traffic to Let's Get to Work's new site. The governor has clearly switched to campaign mode, even though he sidestepped that direct question from O'Brien.


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Dr. Leopold E. Tamba
5:01PM MAR 27TH 2013
Gov. Rick Scott is out of touch
George Lamda
5:14PM MAR 29TH 2013
Not only is he out of touch, his political beliefs border on Neo-Nazisim. He is a homophobe. He would rather see poor people starve to death than offer them real help.

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