Rick Scott Plays Up Tourism Impact at Tampa Airport Workday

Gov. Rick Scott released the following comments after spending his eighth “Let’s Get to Work!” day on Friday at Tampa International Airport.

“Tourism remains a top job creator and a leading driver of Florida’s rebounding economy,” Scott stated in a release. “Florida’s tourism success is directly linked to the people who work at our airports to help our visitors have a great travel experience.”

Scott spent time at the airport’s communications center answering phone calls from travelers, managing the airport’s paging system, monitoring alarms and taking security calls, before working the ticket counter for Southwest Airlines and later as a skycap, greeting arriving visitors, carrying their luggage and assisting them through the airport.

“Working at the airport today helped me identify ways our tourism industry can grow,” Scott stated. “Tampa International Airport and all of Florida’s tourism industry partners help make our state the top travel destination in the world.”

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