Rick Scott Signs Death Warrant for Paul Howell

Gov. Rick Scott has signed a death warrant for Paul Augustus Howell, a drug trafficker convicted in the 1992 bomb death of Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Jimmy Fulford.

The execution has been set for Feb. 26 at 6 p.m.

Howell, 47, now at Union Correctional Institute, was sentenced to death in 1995.

Fulford, 35, died after opening a booby-trapped package during a traffic stop on Interstate 10 in Jefferson County that was intended for two women in Marianna who knew about a drug-related murder.

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Mutch/ God got it!
12:09PM JAN 24TH 2013
Why does world serve justice on what seem to be radically racial decision because God forgive man for their wrong and no murder is not right but this man did 21 years in prison for his mistake. The media present it like he intended to kill the state trooper, the intent was for some wicked people that may have dealt in wicked behavior but however it doesn't make Paul Howell innocent. There's no mercy in this case because if this man have completed 21 years and now Rick Scott decide to sign the death penalty: is Rick Scott going to sign the death penalty for Zimmerman who killed an innocent black boy for no reason. Now in this case what is the protection of proven justice for the Fulford family different than the young people who have been murder by cops and other racial indvidual. The world is not fair but Jesus will judge every man according to his parttake of sin. It's one thing if Rick Scott sign the death penalty for other White males who have committed worser crimes, it's not fair but Jesus is. I just pray that God hand of operation shine upon this man soul that he can confess and admit to his wrong to God so God can prepare a place for him above this earth. Jesus is a forgiving God and the it's very hurtful to see how our country implement justice, for a specific color more then the law itself. What am I am saying; this young man family love him, no compassion is being implemented because he's a murder, a murder for the intent of the previous issues but it wasn't his intent for the trooper but because it did; immeditaley sufferring need to take place because he is a White man that serve our country on the police force. What about others? Again, it's alright I just pray that before each individual leave this world that they have a personal encounter with God about fairness and equal opportunity and equal justice. My heart doesn't see color, it doesn't compare sin, because wrong is wrong but what about compassion and the truth. I ask Jesus to prepare this man heart and mind to hear the voice of God, to repent and ask the Lord for his mercy and grace to see the place that the Lord prepare for him because the Lord love is different from man. Some things we will never know why it occur but every man will be accountable for their debt. I just intercede on the behalf of every soul that Jesus is in control and anything can change at anytime. God got it!

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