Rick Scott Suspends Liberty County School Super Gloria Uzzell

Gloria Gay Uzzell

Gloria Uzzell

Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday suspended Liberty County School Superintendent Gloria Gay Uzzell, who admitted that since taking office in January, she has run up $12,000 on a school district credit card, with interest and fees mounting.

The card has a $10,000 limit. She was arrested and charged with grand theft.

Her priciest charges include multiple hotel stays in Tallahassee and Jacksonville, racking up more than $3,000 on two DoubleTree stays, as well as a $1,000 shopping spree at Pier Park.

A closer look:

  • DoubleTree bills - $3,144
  • Hyatt Regency bill - $1,097
  • Dillard's - $1,015
  • The Loft, Tallahassee - $710
  • Stein Mart- $341

She also used the card for such minor expenses as an exercise video and a service at Super Cuts.

She called several charges a mix-up, explaining she wasn't wearing her eyeglasses and mistook the school district credit card for her personal credit card.

The governor apparently didn't buy it, signing Executive Order 13-195 to remove Uzzell from office effective immediately. (See Scott's Order in the attachment below.)

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