Rick Scott Team now has Alex Sink, Obama in its Sights

With President Barack Obama in Miami Beach with state CFO Alex Sink -- the overwhelming favorite to win the Democratic gubernatorial nomination -- later this month for a fund-raiser, Rick Scott‘s campaign team has averted its fire from GOP primary rival Bill McCollum to focus on the Democrats.

“Both Alex Sink and Obama are trailing in the polls in Florida because voters here reject the Obama-Sink liberal agenda of higher taxes and bigger deficits,” said Jennifer Baker, a spokeswoman for the Scott camp. “Alex Sink can try to distance herself from Obama’s radical positions, but Obama’s bailout of her campaign certainly won’t come without a price. Floridians want an answer: Will Alex Sink stand with Obama and let the Bush tax cuts expire, thereby increasing Floridians’ taxes, or will she stand with taxpayers and demand Obama work to extend the Bush tax cuts?”
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