Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann Attacked by Herman Cain

Businessman and Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain took off the gloves in an interview with GQ released on Monday.

Asked about what ice cream flavor reminded him of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-MN, Cain said, “Tutti-frutti. I know I'm going to get in trouble!”

When the same question was asked about U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-TX, Cain hedged his bets a little. “I just don't have a good description for Ron Paul, because he's just not an ice cream flavor,” said Cain.

But when GQ asked Cain if there was any fellow Republican hopeful who he was afraid of being elected, Cain said Paul.

“Ron Paul,” said Cain. “I would be scared if he was president... I am puzzled by what he stands for. Puzzled by some of his extreme statements, like 'End the Fed!' 'End everything!' Can't we fix something? [laughs]”

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6:19PM NOV 14TH 2011
Hermon is so spineless,,, If he had a brain, he would tilt.
DJ 2Sang
5:21PM NOV 14TH 2011
Herman Cain is an idiot. Did you know he was a treasurer of his state's Federal Reserve?

Out of them all, Herman Cain is probably the most dangerous to have in office next to Santorum.
5:16PM NOV 14TH 2011
“Ron Paul,” said Cain. “I would be scared if he was president... I am puzzled by what he stands for. Puzzled by some of his extreme statements, like "End the Fed!" "End everything!" Can't we fix something? [laughs]”

Bauchmann was correct, frugal socialist.
Hank Xavier
4:19PM NOV 14TH 2011
What a moron. Puzzled explains why he supported the bailouts and said the markets were fine a year before they collapsed. This guy is entirely without a clue.
3:37PM NOV 14TH 2011
Cain is puzzled simply because he doesn't have the intellectual depth to fully understand Paul's ideas. Hence, Cain has created an entire presidential campaign repeating the silly, shallow "9-9-9" mantra. Furthermore, one can not simply "fix" a problem that happens to be systemic. This also floats over Cain's head.
3:07PM NOV 14TH 2011
Herman Cain is a lunatic.
Ted Bayer
1:55PM NOV 14TH 2011
Of course, Herman Cain wants to end the entire existing Federal tax system with his wacky 9-9-9 plan! I don't know what flavor to associate with Herman Cain, but whatever it is, it will quickly melt when exposed to the light of day.
12:43PM NOV 14TH 2011
What a damn idiot.
12:32PM NOV 14TH 2011
I’ve done tons of online research on Dr. Paul and his ideas. He’s been warning us for years that our policies were leading us to ruin. I found dozens of CSPAN videos of him warning about the housing bubble and the FED keeping interest artificially low, and how policies put forth by both democrats and republicans enabled and encouraged the mortgage industry to basically give everyone a loan regardless of whether they could pay or not, and why this would cause the bubble (because the banks don't have to worry about getting paid back since Uncle Sam is guaranteeing those loans) This artifical bubble burst, just as Dr. Paul predicted.
He explains in detail in several speeches given over time how inflation, was caused by the FED expanding and contracting the money supply. How the FED is at the very heart of the dismal situation we find ourselves in now. He predicted the war in Iraq would cause us to lose many of our personal liberties in the name of security. He was right about that too. TSA running their hands all over your body, and humiliating the handicapped. The Patriot ACT. Warrantless wire tapping of American Citizens. The many lost lives both here and in Iraq. This man has been right about almost everything. He warned us about our policies and our elected politicians decided to ignore him! I mean he was warning us BEFORE this all happened, when John McCain said the economy was fine. Right before the bottom fell out of the economy. We nominated Mr McCain instead of Dr. Paul. And now he's warning us about Iran. I could go on and on but I don't have to because you can look all that up yourself. Google "Ron Paul predicts " or Ron Paul on The war in Iraq. or Ron Paul on Torture or Ron Paul on Iran, or just make something up. The best place is YouTube because they have most of the old CSPAN videos . This man's ideas are right on, we need him in office, he's one of the very last honest, incorruptable, competant, men left in politics.
12:32PM NOV 14TH 2011
Mr. Cain, some things can only be fixed by ENDING it. Cancer comes to mind. Ron Paul's Free Competition in Currency Act is based on the work of Hayek... you know, that Nobel Laureate that conservatives like to cite in their rhetoric so much, but fail to recognize his influence in Dr. Paul's stance against the Fed. The fact is, Mr. Cain, your 9-9-9 plan lays the foundation to make things WORSE. A national sales tax should only be considered as a replacement for the income tax, not in addition to. Go back to making pizzas.
12:30PM NOV 14TH 2011
Which flavor are you today, Herman?

The Tea Party could not support such a candidate. Unless the wave has crashed, and is already making it's way back to sea.
12:23PM NOV 14TH 2011
The only person that would be scary would be Cain who didn't even know that China had nukes, said he'd get in a shooting war with Iran and worked as Chairman of the KC Federal Reserve.
Henry Cameron
12:21PM NOV 14TH 2011
Spoken like a true insider...
12:09PM NOV 14TH 2011
Talking points and slogans, Cain is learning the game well. Sad truth for him is,,, "it's the Constitution, Stupid!!"
12:07PM NOV 14TH 2011
Laughable! I'd be more afraid of a man who doesn't know what 'Right of Return' means, or worried that China might be working on nuclear capabilities (which they've had since 1960's), and that all Muslims in UzBeckyBeckyBeckyStanStan are evil extremists. A president who doesn't know much about anything who'd have to have a bunch of advisors is what's scary.

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