Ron Paul Gets Ready to Launch the Ron Paul Channel

After his bid for the Republican presidential nomination and retiring from Congress in 2012, Ron Paul shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, Paul is now launching an alternative media outfit, the Ron Paul Channel.

In an email sent out on Tuesday, Paul announced “just days after announcing the upcoming launch of the Ron Paul Channel, tens of thousands” have already expressed interest and support in his new operation. “We’ve had an incredible response -- and that’s no surprise," Paul wrote. “The mainstream media has (sic) failed America for too long, and to restore our nation we have to start a media revolution that reflects our shared values.

“Together, we can build the future of the media that America deserves," Paul added. “But it will take the strength of our entire movement -- each and every one of us -- to make sure that all of our friends and families are getting access to the truth. And that means turning away from mainstream media and seeking out the answers from the folks brave enough to stare down the TV talking heads and make our own trail.”

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7:33AM AUG 8TH 2013
I hope the Ron Paul Channel is the long awaited vehicle, a cruise-missile, if you will, that penetrates, exposes, and destroys the rotten, putrid flanks of the Main Stream Media slave ship, and sends it to the bottom...
11:48AM JUL 17TH 2013
I'm tired of watching government propaganda news in the US. If I want to know the "truth" of an article, I have to research various European news sources. It would be a real treat to get the truth of what the government is doing in a US news outlet. Where do I sign up?

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