Ron Paul Group Warns 'Wall Street Lobbyists' Behind Janet Yellen

Norm Singleton, the vice president of policy for the Campaign for Liberty, sounded the alarm on Tuesday afternoon. Paul is the chairman of the Campaign for Liberty.

“I'm furious,” Singleton wrote supporters. “Yesterday at a meeting on Capitol Hill, a Senate staffer informed me that powerful Wall Street lobbyists were generating calls opposing Senator Rand Paul's plan to use Janet Yellen's nomination to be the new Fed chair to push for a vote on Audit the Fed.

Bashing “Wall Street bankers and their well-funded lobbying machine,” Singleton claimed “one weapon the bankers don't have -- and that's the support of nearly 75 percent of the American people.”

Singleton promised to “mobilize millions of Americans to turn up the heat on the Senate to force a vote on Audit the Fed.”

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