Ron Paul Looks to Turn Things Around in Louisiana

While he’s based in neighboring Texas, Louisiana is not exactly Ron Paul territory. He took 5 percent in the Louisiana Republican presidential primary back in 2008 and a poll unveiled on Tuesday finds he stands in a distant fourth with 3 percent -- tying him with Rick Perry, who pulled out of the race in January, and Buddy Roemer, the former Louisiana governor who is primarily focused on running for the Reform Party and the Americans Elect nominations.

Paul is looking to turn things around in the Pelican State before the primary on Saturday and will hold two town hall events on Friday. The maverick Texas congressman will be speaking at Louisiana College in Pineville and Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond on Friday afternoon.

Edward King, Paul’s national youth director, noted that the campaign had set up almost 600 college-based chapters with more than 50,000 supporters across the country.

“We’re excited to bring Ron Paul back to Louisiana, where he kicked off ‘Youth for Ron Paul’ at LSU last September before presiding over the grand opening ceremony of his Louisiana state headquarters in Baton Rouge,” King said. “Since then, thousands more people have joined the youth effort, and the energy around his campaign continues to grow. Young people and true conservatives know he’s the only candidate who will bring real change to Washington, balance the budget, and boost our economy.”
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Bob Vondruska
2:52PM MAR 21ST 2012
It's still not too late to turn things around in this Presidential race. Romney (the supposed "frontrunner") is highly unlikely to reach the required 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination, while Santorum and Gingrich are guaranteed not to. Therefore, we are most definitely looking at a brokered convention. This being said, even if Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich were to somehow prevail at this brokered convention, they would all lose to Obama in the general election; not because Obama is a better option, but because these three have nothing to offer as a better alternative to Obama. Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich generate no excitement, so most people who are on the fence will just settle for another four years of Obama.

There is a solution to this bleek projection of things to come........Ron Paul. Since no one has anything to lose at this point, why not just vote your conscience? Instead of listening to what the talking heads are saying (which in reality means nothing), vote for what you really believe and vote for Ron Paul. If you are one of the people who likes Ron Paul but thinks that he has no chance to win, neither does your second choice if that is Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich. Send the "establishment" a message and at least have a chance to beat Obama by supporting Ron Paul, rather than just rolling over and admitting defeat. Ron Paul is the only choice, and the only chance we have to put a "real" Conservative back in the Oval Office.

Ron Paul 2012!!
Mr.Stephen Schweter
11:09AM MAR 21ST 2012
Hello Folks

What Dr.Paul has to get out to the public is. The other 3 in the race have no problem with taking our LIBERTIES away from us.This makes them
unworthy to represent us.Voters. NDAA1021,Patroit act.SOPA PIPA,Actra
Dr Ron Paul was on our side.
Peace to all
Stephen Schweter put my name in face book many shared videos and articles for Dr.Ron Paul.

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