Ron Paul Supporters Petition for Third Party Bid

Insisting that he has no interest in leaving the GOP, Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul has been downplaying speculation that he would continue his campaign as a third party candidate.

That has not stopped supporters from launching a website urging the maverick Texas congressman to go third party. A group called Grassroots for Liberty  is petitioning Paul to go third party -- much like he did in 1988 when he was the Libertarian Party’s nominee.

“Please run on a third party ticket until Nov. 6, 2012, to be the next president of the United States of America and to ensure you'll have the biggest stage to spread the message of liberty around the world,” the Paul supporters urge.

So far, the petition has had little success. With 311 signatures, Grassroots for Liberty has a long way to go until they get 100,000 supporters, despite having garnered some media attention and the notice of prominent libertarians Lew Rockwell and Justin Raimondo.

H/t Independent Political Report.

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12:16AM APR 5TH 2012
I hope he runs. I need someone to vote for besides Obamny. I don't like Paul, but you get the point.
Eddie M
5:17PM APR 3RD 2012
Its so cool how Ron Paul still has people believing he wont run third party.. but I guess he has to keep it up so the GOP don't get mad that he not only used them for media attention from debates... but he stole delegates that wont support the GOP nominee. And you know whats funny.. Republicans are scared that Ron Paul might run third party because he will soak up some republican votes, but that makes no sense. Considering that republicans hate Ron Paul because he is too conservative, both fiscally and socially. The Republican voters will vote for Mitt Romney no matter what. But the republican voters that are Ron Paul supporters will NOT vote for mitt romney no matter what. But a lot of democratic voters will vote for Ron Paul and will NOT vote for Mitt Romney. So if anything, Ron Paul will take votes from obama if he runs third party. And if the republicans are so worried about obama, why not make Ron Paul the nominee so he can win the presidency. Because Mitt Romney will lose by AT LEAST 10 million votes to obama. Mitt Romney will do even worse than McCain did, and McCain lost by 10 million votes (electoral votes is what counts, but it dont matter when you lose as bad as McCain did). Oh, and the reason I say Ron Paul is way more conservative than the other candidates, is because the other 3 are for big spending, and as much as I hate Newt Gengrich, he is still more fiscally conservative than santorum and Romney (not that is hard to accomplish). And Santorum is NOT a social conservative, just look at all the bills he signed. But anyway, go to college and take speech101 so you can learn Propeganda. And take an Economics class while you are there, so you will vote for Ron Paul. Im 17 years old, so go easy on me. Godspeed.
12:16PM APR 3RD 2012
No 3rd party no no no!

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