RPOF and Kendrick Meek Gang Up on Charlie Crist over Social Security

Gov. Charlie Crist, running without party affiliation in the U.S. Senate election, spoke in South Florida on Wednesday on Social Security -- and was pounded from the left and right.

Conservatives argued that Crist offered a path for illegal aliens to obtain Social Security benefits.

"How does Charlie Crist plan to protect Social Security – by making it go bankrupt faster," said Ronnie Whitaker, executive director of the Republican Party of Florida. "Charlie Crist will say and do anything to get elected, even reducing himself to proposing widely debunked policies that would directly hurt seniors and erode the rule of law."

Whitaker was not the only person who lashed out at Crist for being inconsistent. U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, the Democratic nominee in the race, said that Crist was out of line for bashing Republican candidate Marco Rubio for looking to privatize parts of the Social Security program. 

"While Charlie Crist stood on stage with President Bush as he talked about his plan to privatize Social Security and endanger a crucial safety net for our seniors, I helped lead the fight against his disastrous plan,” said Meek who is running third behind Rubio and Crist in the polls. "Speaker Rubio also has a long record of supporting privatization. The difference is clear: I'm the only candidate who has stood up for seniors and middle-class Florida families and opposed every attempt to privatize Social Security.

“Today, Governor Crist held a press conference blasting Speaker Rubio on his record of supporting the privatization of Social Security, while Rubio told the Orlando Sentinel he now does not support private accounts,” continued Meek. “Each statement stands in stark contrast to both candidates' record of supporting the privatization of the program.”

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