RPOF Attacks Dan Gelber for Backing Obamacare

The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) doubled down on its bet that President Barack Obama's new federal health-care laws will be a burning issue in the close battle between Republican candidate Pam Bondi and Democratic nominee Sen. Dan Gelber of Miami Beach to be Florida’s next attorney general.

“If Florida’s record unemployment and massive opposition to Obamacare wasn’t enough of a red flag, I’m not sure what it will take for Dan Gelber to finally get it,” said Ronnie Whitaker, executive director of the RPOF. “Massive tax increases on small businesses, more than $1 billion per year in new state spending during a time of budget shortfalls, and increasing the cost of insurance premiums for families and businesses are precisely the things contributing to our economic anxiety. When will Dan Gelber understand just how bad these policies are and the unconstitutionality of how Obamacare was forced on Florida?”

Bondi has pledged to continue Attorney General Bill McCollum’s constitutional challenge of the new health-care laws while Gelber has vowed to pull the plug on the lawsuit.

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