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Satan Day at the Old Capitol Draws More Media than Support

Somewhere I missed where Dantes tour of the seven cycles of hell with Virgil mentioned having to listen to a couple of lengthy diatribes about the wonders of Satanism on the steps of the Old Capitol in Tallahassee.

Just don't call them or the event a hoax.

Before a small gaggle that was comprised mostly of the media, and with their own cameras rolling, a smaller cast of polite Satanists -- six plus cameramen and a sound crew -- proclaimed their support for an on-school faith-based law, Senate Bill 98, signed by Gov. Rick Scott last year.

While 100 percent denying the staged event was a hoax, or that the individuals involved were simply actors in a mocumentary as the event was advertised, Lucien Greaves, overload of the Satanic Temple and reported casting director, said they were trying not to be overly serious as many imagine when they think of Satanic cults.

We wanted to do an old 80s style, Mormon, PSA-type of thing," Greaves said. "We wanted to keep it funny, keep it light-hearted. We dont have to be Gothic, doom and gloom all the time."

As for the purpose of the event, the law, the group's high priestDark Eminence -- the only name he would offer while clad a in black robe, a red pinstripe suit and horns -- called Scott a great politician for having the faith in allowing young people to speak their minds.

The law gives county school districts the option to allow public school students to run their own prayer sessions at organized events on campus. No county school district has implemented the law.

But that didnt faze any of the minions marching -- two of the four covered their faces -- in support of the law and holding their rally behind a banner proclaiming Hail Satan! Hail Rick Scott!

For pre-show entertainment, the minions arrived to the music of 80s Orlando heavy metal band Death. Meanwhile, Greaves handed out cartoon booklets that directed people to the groups website -- -- where one could buy robes that could cover up to 66 and 300+ lbs of Satanist and Underwear from the Underworld.

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