Scott Maddox Tears Into Rick Scott and Adam Putnam

Former Tallahassee Mayor Scott Maddox, the Democratic nominee in the state agriculture and consumer services commissioner race, took aim at his Republican rival U.S. Rep. Adam Putnam at a media event in Tallahassee on Wednesday -- but also fired away at Republican gubernatorial Rick Scott.

Maddox said he watched the debate between Scott and Democratic candidate state CFO Alex Sink on Monday. “It seems clear to me that Rick Scott wanted to turn his campaign and the campaigns in Florida to things in Washington,” said Maddox.

Maddox, flanked by pictures of Scott, Democratic U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, and Putnam with U.S. House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio, tore into Scott and Putnam.

“Adam Putnam personifies Washington insider,” insisted Maddox. “Rick Scott personifies everything about big business that makes people sick.”

Maddox, a former chairman of the Florida Democratic Party, labeled both Scott and Putnam as “hypocrites,” arguing that their rhetoric and their actions do not match. Maddox lambasted Putnam for backing the TARP bailout and insisting the Republican backed amnesty for illegal aliens. Maddox attacked Scott’s record at Columbia/HCA, noting that the Republican presided over massive Medicare fraud.

“The fact that they can say these things with a straight face is beyond comprehension and speaks to their willingness to say or do anything to get elected,” said Maddox.

Asked about why he was taking aim at Scott when he was running against Putnam, Maddox said, “The job I’m running for is to look out for the consumer.” Maddox said he would have a hard time looking down the Cabinet table to see Scott, again bringing up Scott’s record in the private sector. “I feel like it’s my duty as a citizen to speak out against Rick Scott.”

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Jack Knox
2:18PM OCT 27TH 2010
Maddox once again insists on playing politics. His words however, are shallow and rooted in hypocrisy as he continues to misconstrue his opponent's well intentioned actions and voting records by citing them in incomplete and biased ways.

He bashes Putnam for being a career politician, yet he himself has been involved in the political arena for just as long, if not longer than Putnam.

Maddox says that Putnam will do anything just to get elected. But this is Maddox's third attempt at a cabinet seat. He failed in his races for CFO and Governor and he will lose this one also. On the other hand, Putnam's political moves have seemingly been executed with intention and forethought - only aiming for positions in which he knows he is qualified. If Maddox truly cared about Florida's consumers, why did he ever bother to run for CFO if not for the pay raise?

Scott continues to label Putnam as the epitome of what is bad in DC, yet Adam has willingly left his seat to return to his homeland. After becoming fed up and disillusioned by DC's dirty and partisan politics, he wants to come back and serve Floridians the best he believes he can. Maddox though, has continued to hang around in his political neighborhood despite lacking the credentials to help anybody.

As far as I am concerned, Maddox is the hypocrite here and attempts to impose his own undesirable qualities upon Adam for mere political gain. His tactics are dirty, dishonest, dishonorable, and the real epitome of what's wrong with our politicians. Scott Maddox was a rising star, but now he has fallen.

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