Scott: Support Partial Privatization of State Prison System

With the full Senate expected to review and discuss a bill that would allow the state to privatize about 30 correctional facilities in Central and South Florida, Gov. Rick Scott went on Facebook Monday telling people to contact legislators in support of the effort.

“With the crime rate down and prison populations declining, it's time for Florida taxpayers to start seeing some savings from the prison system,” Scott posted on his Facebook page. “Stand with me, and let your elected officials know you support the partial privatization of our state prison system.”

The Senate discussion of SB 2038 is set for 1 p.m.

The Senate may also discuss SB 98, which would allow public secondary school students to run their own prayer sessions at organized on-campus events.

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Sidd Hoffman
3:10PM FEB 7TH 2012
looks like Rick Scott is ready for some no bid contracts ......
Mark Anderson
2:07PM FEB 1ST 2012
If prisons are privatized, expect the prison population to go up. No for profit business tries to downsize. They will lobby the house and senate and certainly won't release anyone if they can help it.

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