Sen. Mike Bennett Files for Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Office

Sen. Mike Bennett, R-Bradenton, on Friday filed to run for the office of supervisor of elections of Manatee County.

The sometimes controversial Bennett, term-limited in the Florida Legislature in 2012, will run in a primary against at least five Republicans. Only one Democrat has registered so far to run for the office. Annual salary for the job is $112,851.

Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Bob Sweat is retiring after 28 years in the office.

Bennett's opposition so far is Edward Anthony Bailey, Richard G. Bedford, Eric R. Hanson, Rodney P. Smithley and Jane W. von Hahmann. The Democrat seeking the office is Charles Napoleon Williams Jr.

Voter rolls in Manatee County show 87,672 Republicans, 66,677 Democrats and 48,701 independents.

A clerk in Bennett's Tallahassee office said Friday the senator is unavailable and has not yet issued a statement announcing his move.

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Theresa Richard
1:33PM OCT 16TH 2012
This is the dirty nasty Senator that put in a last minute (3 minutes before vote) amendment to help a wealthy developer increase the value of his land by overturning the development restrictions of Saint Johns County. He snuck this amendment in at the last minute and he paved the way for this developer to create an urban sprawl of homes in St. Johns County. This was done against the wishes of St Johns County Residents. We don't have enough fire fighters to protect the homes we have... we don't have enough schools for the children we have... and this Senator Bennett that doesn't even represent this county did this... he's in cahoots with this developer for sure... I WOULDN'T TRUST HIM TO SUPERVISE ANY ELECTION... See the St. Augustine Record of October 16th.. for the truth... Don't vote for this guy.. he's a crook!

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