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Sen. Rick Scott: If Democrats Refuse to Negotiate in Good Faith, President Trump Should Act

Sen. Rick Scott held a media availability Thursday to discuss Congress’ negotiations to keep the government open, secure our border, and provide adequate disaster relief funding for Florida and Puerto Rico. Scott is urging President Trump to use his end border security and find a permanent solution for DACA and TPS if Congressional Democrats refuse to act.

Rick Scott
Scott said, “I’m glad to see congressional members of both parties finally sitting down and talking about a real compromise. What we don’t know is whether the Democrats are serious about getting a deal done to fund border security, or if they’re just following Nancy Pelosi’s marching orders. I’m ready to see a final package that includes real border security, a permanent fix for DACA and TPS, and the disaster relief funding Florida and Puerto Rico need to continue rebuilding.

 “Washington is far beyond broken," he said. "It's full of actors who just want to play politics. President Trump has tried to work with Congress to get something done, but if the Democrats continue to refuse to work with him, then the president needs to use his emergency powers to fund border security and include a permanent solution for DACA and TPS.

"I know there will be critics that say the president shouldn’t do things like this by executive order. And they aren’t necessarily wrong. I was critical of Obama when he tried to solve the DACA issue by EO. President Trump proposed logical solutions, and if the Democrats won’t negotiate with him because their judgement is clouded by their pure hatred of him, then the president needs to move forward. These are common sense issues, and it’s time to provide a real solution for the American people.”



Trump should use emergency executive order to build the wall. Trump should ignore any leftist judge ordering him to stop because this is an emergency. Trump then should shut down the government for a different reason...demand both houses of government prouduce a budget [for the first time in years] that he will sign. And then tell both houses of government that the next time a continuing resolution lands on his desk he will shut down the government again.

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