Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich Files to Challenge Rick Scott

Less than a week after Florida Sen. Nan Rich reasserted plans to challenge for Gov. Rick Scott’s job in 2014, the Weston Democrat has opened a campaign account that will allow her to begin collecting money for the campaign.

Rich, 70, the Senate Democratic leader, opened her account with the State Division of Elections on Monday.

Rich admitted Thursday that while she is known in South Florida and other areas, such as Leon and Alachua counties that are deep with Democrats, she’ll be able to use the next two years to build up her name recognition statewide.

“You have to have the message and the ability to connect with the voters and get that message across, and I think that strength is mine,” Rich said.

Rich enters the Democratic contest as the political fundraising organization set up for Scott, named Let’s Get to Work, posted having $1.2 million in the bank as of March 31.

Rich has been thinking about running for the top statewide office since at least last September.

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