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South Florida Pastor Calls Mosque Activities 'Nothing Short of Treason'

A Christian minister on Tuesday called for state and federal authorities to "shut down all the activities" of a South Florida mosque, citing its leader's alleged connection to terrorist activity.

Speaking in front of the Masjid Jarmaat at-Muminee Mosque in Margate, Pastor Mark Boykin of the Church of All Nations, said, "What has been committed here under the auspices of this mosque is nothing short of treason."

Mosque imam Izhar Khan was arrested last month and charged by U.S. authorities with raising funds for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

A coalition of Christian and pro-Israel activists, including Tea Party Fort Lauderdale and Boykin, plans to protest outside Khan's mosque at 7 p.m. Tuesday night.

"We will not stand aside and let the 'enemy within' act as a kind of 'fifth column' for the Taliban on American soil. Nor will we allow our communities to be used as satellites for terrorist cells, and offer refuge behind the walls of sacred mosques as a kind of 'religious shield,'" Boykin told reporters Tuesday morning.

Sunshine State News sets the scene for tonight here.

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