'Stand Your Ground' Task Force to Meet in Longwood Next Tuesday

The governor’s Task Force on Citizen Safety and Protection will convene its second meeting in Central Florida June 12.

The task force will take public comment on the state's "Stand Your Ground" law at 1 p.m. at NorthLand Church, 530 Dog Track Road, Longwood.

Formed by Gov. Rick Scott following the shooting of Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch member George Zimmerman in Sanford, the task force, and the self-defense law, have come under heavy pressure.

"National agitators, numerous state legislators and congressional representatives have been trying to undermine your basic right of self-defense by calling for the repeal of or damaging changes to Florida's 'Castle Doctrine' law," said Marion Hammer, past president of the Florida chapter of the National Rifle Association.
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2:19PM JUL 25TH 2012
If you ban all weapons from civilians completely there will be just as many weapons on criminals as there was before the ban and we will be completely defenseless. The criminals will still not hesitate to use them mainly because they never intent on being caught anyway.

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