Strategist: Dems, GOP Split Evenly on Election Day, With 'Others' Shrinking

Democratic Party operative Steve Schale clarified Florida party registration figures in our "Generic Ballot" story. Instead of a 44-43 Democratic-Republican split, Schale noted that it's actually 42-36, with 22 percent "other."

Either breakdown "is still way too partisan for an Election Day model," Schale said in an e-mail.

"On Election Day, the state will be something closer to 41-41-18," Schale predicted.

Sunshine State News pollster Jim Lee was quoted in the story as forecasting a 4-point Election Day advantage for Republicans in light of how respondents identified themselves in recent polling. In those surveys, 45 percent called themselves Republicans vs. 41 percent Democrat.

We'll see who's closer to being correct on Nov. 2.

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