Sun-Sentinel: Rick Scott's $10,000 College Degree Challenge 'Worth Taking'

Broward County's newspaper of record is voicing its tentative support for Gov. Scott's latest education reform proposal:

"Some are mocking the idea, calling it a political stunt or a gimmick. Others don't think it's possible.

"But we like the challenge Governor Rick Scott has put before the state's 28 public colleges -- previously known as community colleges -- to offer discounted bachelor's degree programs for $10,000 or less to in-state students.

"If the challenge gets legislators and college officials focused on curbing the ever-increasing costs of higher education, as well as the explosion in debt too many students are taking on, it is a good first step.

"Right now, a four-year bachelor's degree at a Florida college costs an average of $13,264. Just three years ago, it cost an average of $10,000. Though reductions are never easy, surely there's a way to find efficiencies by focusing on the essentials, getting rid of obstacles and identifying creative solutions.

"Linda Howdyshell, provost of Broward College, offers such suggestions for making the plan work."

{Source: "Scott's Challenge Worth Talking"

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