TaxWatch 'Turkeys' Account for 61 percent of Budget Vetoes

Among the $142.7 million that Gov. Rick Scott vetoed from the state budget for the next fiscal year, was $63.1 million that had been identified by the budget watchdog group Florida TaxWatch as fiscal "turkeys."

“Florida TaxWatch today commends Governor Scott for vetoing 61 percent of the projects identified as turkeys by Florida TaxWatch, totaling $63.1 million of the taxpayers’ hard-earned money,” Dominic M. Calabro, Florida TaxWatch president and CEO, stated in a release.

“This $63.1 million includes 97 of the 159 turkeys in our report, and represents projects from across the state, and in every agency identified on our list. We applaud the governor for vetoing a majority of the projects on the Florida TaxWatch turkey list, and working to protect the integrity of the budget process. Governor Scott stated today that he reviewed the turkey list before deciding on his vetoes, and Florida TaxWatch is honored to help make a difference in the decisions of those at the very top of Florida government.

"This year, the Legislature passed 21 bills that included Florida TaxWatch government cost savings task force recommendations, and vetoing these projects will only increase the taxpayers’ savings. Moving the savings from vetoed turkeys into reserves will boost the state’s bond rating, and help lessen the potential for future shortfalls.”

See a full list of vetoed ‘turkeys’ here.

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9:43AM APR 18TH 2012
I still wish he would have vetoed Putnam's crony alternative energy taxpayers' funded give away. But, I still give Scott a passing grade for showing his skills of reducing waste while not increasing the functions of the government over the people.

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