Tea Party Hands Herman Cain Another Presidential Straw Poll Victory

A straw poll by Tea Party Fort Lauderdale affirms that the Republican Party's presidential candidates aren't bowling over the voters.

Notching another straw vote victory, Godfather's Pizza exec Herman Cain topped a disparate field, receiving 18.5 percent of the first-place votes and 16 percent of the second-place ballots cast.

Mitt Romney finished second with 13.5 percent of the first-place votes, followed by Ron Paul with 12 percent.

Cain has won several other tea votes around the country, including a straw poll at Tea Party Patriots' national convention in Phoenix earlier this year.

In a sign of general dissatisfaction with the cast of presidential hopefuls, 11.5 percent of Fort Lauderdale tea partiers wrote in the name of U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, as their top choice. West has said he has no presidential aspirations.

The rest of the field splintered in single digits.

While West may have benefited from his geographic proximity to the polling, another "local" didn't fare nearly so well. Donald Trump received just 5 percent of the first-place votes and led the field in the "least favorite" category. One-third of balloters said The Donald would be their last choice.

Tea Party Fort Lauderdale's unscientific straw poll attracted 197 voters and was conducted May 7-14.
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10:49PM MAY 25TH 2011
Tea Party better wake up and vote for Ron Paul
Herman Cain worked for the Ferderal Reserve for 4 ys in the 90's
he defends the Federal Reserve, he said we should not audit the Federal Reserve
Please America Wake Up we are being set up again
9:18AM MAY 21ST 2011
Please check out Gary Johnson

9:17AM MAY 21ST 2011
Please check out Gary Johnson

9:16AM MAY 21ST 2011
Please check out Gary Johnson

George Washington
1:39PM MAY 16TH 2011
Please, the United States of America cannot afford to get it wrong in 2012.

Constitutionally, legislatively, and morally, Ron Paul has no equal. His 22 year voting record speaks for itself. The World is watching. Ron Paul for President in 2012.

Read in detail about the issues.

Thank You
2:00PM MAY 16TH 2011
Ron Paul would set up a monarchy. His supporters are loyal to no one else. (He can't win)
2:26PM MAY 16TH 2011
Where does the Constitution provide for a monarchy?
Why do we now have czars?
Who attacks countries without congressional approval?
Jake, Are You an American?
yea right
1:22PM MAY 16TH 2011
He is a very smart man, but they are going to kick his a** to curb like they did that other black republican.........Micheal Steele.
1:22PM MAY 23RD 2011
Michael Steele is a career politician who came up through the Republican party. Herman Cain is a Tea Partier who rose politically through his affiliation with that group. There is a huge difference between the two and the only similarity is skin color and some philosophical beliefs.
10:03AM MAY 16TH 2011
I find it hard to believe that a real Tea Party would place Romney above Ron Paul.
My guess, this is not the a real Tea Party (infiltrated). The REAL Tea Party does not favor any Federal Reserve Bank connection.
Nice try.
2:50PM MAY 16TH 2011
My guess, Ron Paul supporters just can't admit others present themselves as a better candidate. Cain 2012!
1:37AM MAY 18TH 2011
You guess wrong, Barry. The father of the Tea Party movement, Ron Paul, has no equal in this race - he is the most qualified, strongest true conservative. Herman's a nice man. I'm sure this will help his book sales. But we need someone who actually understands today's issues and problems, and knows the answers, and that man is Ron Paul.
1:25PM MAY 23RD 2011
the Tea Party is an anti taxes group, nothing it stands for has anything to do with the Federal Reserve. Everyone with commen sense understands the Fed needs to be divorced from its relationship with the government but that isn't a main theme of the Tea Party and whoever told you that is incorrect. Fair Tax! Herman Cain 2012!
Liberty Lover
11:40AM MAY 22ND 2011
This is a load of bull. Ron Paul is the father of the tea party movement and has been talking about fiscal policy for 40 years. Not like others that suppoted big government under Bush. Ron Paul 2012 baby!
1:54AM MAY 23RD 2011
Its hard to say that Ron Paul is the father of the tea party movement. Ron Paul has always been for limited and small government, that is true. But ron paul was no more the father of the tea party then many other people, including most prominently would be Jim DeMint, one of the national tea party leaders. Specifically Ron Paul has been for a smaller national defense, and legalization of drugs, neither of which are positions held by the tea party, which probably would be if the tea party was started by Ron Paul.
1:43AM MAY 23RD 2011
And the Paulbots prove Barry right. Try to convince yourselves of whatever you'd like, but just like his last two attempts, this presidential bid will also be unsuccessful for Paul. He is a Liberal Constitutionalist trying to run as a conservative republican. He's got no shot. His social values are so far out of whack with the conservative party base that he is unelectable. I'd start figuring out who else to support if I was you, because your guy will be a no go again.
Everett Wilkinson
8:19AM MAY 16TH 2011
Wait a minute, does this mean I was wrong again when I hosted "The Donald" in Boca Raton?

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