Ted Yoho Declares His Victory 'A Win for the People'

U.S. Congressman-elect Ted Yoho, a large animal doctor who easily defeated Democrat J.R. Gaillot on Tuesday, 64.8 percent to 32.4 percent, for the District 3 seat issued the following release Wednesday.

“This is not a win for me. This is a win for the people of the 3rd Congressional district because you guys have stood up and said, ‘We’ve had enough!’” Yoho stated in the release.

“I am so honored and humbled to be representing the people of this district and I can’t thank our supporters enough for every phone call, every door knocked on and every effort made. This truly was a grassroots movement that became a grassfire.”

“We are going to start chipping away at these burdensome rules, regulations and mandates that are killing businesses and stifling the economy,” added Yoho, who campaigned to repeal and defund the Affordable Care Act, tax code simplification and a pro-business legislation.

“We want to put some common sense back into the policy equation.”

The North Central Florida district includes Alachua, Gilchrist, Levy, Dixie, Lafayette, Suwannee, Columbia, Bradford, Union, Hamilton and Clay counties and portions of Madison and Marion counties.

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Chris Summerlin
5:35PM NOV 7TH 2012
Ted, great going, however, I feel that due to the Presidential debacle, we're sending you to DC with your hands tied. You vowed to serve for only 8 yrs., but your first 4 are going to be pretty futile, like fighting with BOTH hands tied behind your back. We love you and will support you!

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