Ted Yoho Draws Another Dem Opponent in North Florida

Marihelen Wheeler, a middle-school teacher in Gainesville who ran for the Florida House in 2012, is setting her sights higher as she filed to run against U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla.

In 2012, Wheeler ran a scrappy campaign but was outspent by primary rival Clovis Watson. However, she did reel in some endorsements, especially from teachers’ unions, including the Alachua County Education Association and the Marion County Education Association. She has also garnered the backing of the Alachua County Young Democrats.

Wheeler took more than 41 percent of the vote against Watson in the primary. But she does not have an open shot at the Democratic nomination as Aquasia Johnson McDowell is already running for that party’s nomination.

Yoho will be a heavy favorite in this Republican-leaning district. Despite his narrow upset win over U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., in the 2012 primaries, Yoho appears safe in this North Florida district. He reached out to voters in rural counties across the region to beat Stearns, and he remains strong there.

Clay County, right outside of Jacksonville, is one of the most Republican counties in the state and makes up almost 40 percent of Yoho’s district. Granted, Democrats do better in Gainesville (where Yoho is from) but even a strong showing there won’t be enough to propel a Democrat to victory here. Whoever emerges with the Democratic nomination will be the underdog here. 

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Arthur Konstantino
11:12PM MAR 23RD 2014
The underdog in any race for political office is the one that never intended to keep his or her promises made to the citizens of their district. If you promise to protect us and look out for what is right according to the Constitution and then ignore the Constitution, then you have lied. If you vote on behalf of certain constituents and not the citizens, then you failed to pay attention to your job as a potential "Statesman" and succumbed to the rhetoric forced on you in Washington, D.C. We need representatives that stand on principle and are willing to feel the pressure of being the odd man out(or woman) when it comes to serving. Political Leadership is never easy, never fun, highly pressurized, frightening and most of all, quite exposing of all weaknesses in every elected person. Remember folks, it is not called "Obamacare." Originally, the framework of the Affordable Care Act was drawn from Mitt Romney's plan. Please engage yourself in this election of 2014. Please force the candidates to give you their platform in writing with their promise to achieve the change they wish to bring. We all learned that mistakes are make on both sides. Republicans have lost their way as you and Rush Limbaugh well know. Some of the other candidates want to give away to much of our nation and our Constitutional Rights. We are a strong people here in America. Our nation was build on freedom, not stealing and taking advantage of the unlearned. We built this country through ingenuity, inventions, manufacturing, higher education, free enterprise, the right to believe or not believe in a god and so much more. There is not one nation that can compare itself to ours, even with all of our debt and corruption problems. We, as a people, will see this through. Stop the "Voter Apathy" excuse and get involved. Restore this state and nation to its original Glory!

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