Telemundo Announces Hispanic-Focused GOP Debate

As Spanish-language rival Univision’s plans for a Republican presidential debate for late January remain in turmoil, Telemundo is going to grab for the political spotlight.

The Miami-based Telemundo announced plans Thursday for a GOP presidential debate in early December from Las Vegas.

The location is key as Nevada, like Florida, is an early primary state with a growing Hispanic population.

The debate, to be broadcast in Spanish and hosted jointly with NBC, will focus on issues of concern to the Hispanic community, including the economy, health, immigration and education, according to a release from Telemundo.

The full details of the debate, and more importantly, the participants have yet to be set.

As of right now, former Utah governor Jon Huntsman would be expected to decline.

His campaign has announced he will not campaign in Nevada until the state agrees to New Hampshire’s primary schedule demand.

New Hampshire, asserting its first-in-the-nation primary status, wants the Silver State to move back its planned Jan. 14 caucus.

New Hampshire, Nevada, Iowa and South Carolina have had to scramble since Florida decided last month to set its primary Jan. 31 to be the first large population state with a primary.

No other candidate has expressed solidarity with Huntsman.

Meanwhile, no resolution has been reported at Miami-based Univision, where most of the Republican candidates have threatened to boycott a desired South Florida debate on the eve of Florida’s primary.

Republicans have called for the network to apologize for allegedly trying to use a story on the 1987 arrest of U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s brother-in-law to secure an interview.  Univision has denied there was ever any quid pro quo offer.

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