Tuberculosis Outbreak Was Charlie Crist's Problem Before It Was Rick Scott's

Holy wrongful gotcha, Batman! Seems the story of Jacksonville's tuberculosis outbreak was Gov. Charlie Crist's problem before it was Rick Scott's.

Check out this video. Stacey Singer, the reporter who broke the TB story for The Palm Beach Post, talks with Current TV's Cenk Uyger on The Young Turks.

Singer emphasized that the outbreak dates back to a schizophrenic patient in a homeless shelter who went untreated during 2008, and although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention knew he’d passed it on to others then, the Florida Department of Health chose not to tell the public.

Singer says 80 percent of the residents in the dorm-style hostel tested positive, leaving 18 sick and two dead. She said of the Crist-era authorities, “Their rationale was that it was not in the general population, they said. Of course, they were wrong.”

Shouldn't we be asking Charlie to do a little 'splainin' of his own?
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Floyd D. Flood
2:13PM JUL 11TH 2012
This is outrageous! And it's another reason to call on Charlie Crist to explain his actions while Governor. Remember the Seminoles' $1.5 Million pay-off to Crist that was passed through the RPOF and used to pay off "State Negotiator" George LeMieux.?
11:11AM JUL 11TH 2012
Simple, it's Rick Scott (the supposed healthcare guru) who's fast-tracking the closing of the only TB dedicated hospital in the state.
Gary Hemp
12:02PM JUL 11TH 2012
A.G. Holley should have been closed years ago. It was the LAST TB HOSPITAL IN THE COUNTRY, not just the state, to get closed. By the way Holley didn't deal with most of the Jacksonville cases because those patients weren't afflicted with the worst strain.
3:32PM JUL 11TH 2012
Or perhaps they didn't even know about them.

If it's not important, what's Nancy's point? What's Floyd D. Floyd's?

Decide whether this is an issue, or a needless article.

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