U.S. DEA: Florida 'Pill Mill' Crackdown Working

Florida's crackdown on “pill mills” has been working, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reported.

A study released by the DEA concluded that since legislators approved a law at the end of the 2011 session that tightened reporting requirements for the prescription-drug monitoring database and increased penalties for doctors who overprescribe narcotics, the purchase of oxycodone has rapidly declined in Florida.

According to the report, the number of oxycodone pills purchased by Florida doctors has declined by 97 percent from 2010 to 2011.

Also, the number of Florida doctors appearing in the nationwide list of the top 100 oxycodone-purchasing physicians dropped from 90 in 2010 to only 13 in 2011.

Rep. Robert Schenck, R-Spring Hill, a sponsor of the bill that was a priority for Attorney General Pam Bondi, stated in a release he is pleased the law had been effective.

“Florida was previously the nation’s capital for prescription-drug abuse, but, thanks to critical reform measures spearheaded by the Florida Legislature, prescription-drug abuse continues to fall,” Schenck stated. “For too long, the lives of Floridians have been stolen by bad actors who profit from prescription-drug abuse.”

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Dennis Beauchamp
2:37PM NOV 6TH 2013
How many is many? I take a hard to get prescription drug. I request it two days early and it is there one time. The crackdown on drugs Wishful thinking!) is hurting cocaine dealers also. I also take pain meds but find prior planning helps.
4:03PM APR 5TH 2012
I am a cancer paitent and dont abuse my pain meds and really need them and cant even find them and i did find somewere and was told $9 a pill I cant afford this so all this did was stop the ligit people from getting the meds and allow the drug dealers to get them that is so nice. Its so not right
Mrs Beverly Ondarcho
11:26PM FEB 10TH 2012
Im glad that we, Florida is cracking down on illegal drug sales but this week I asked my doctor to refill my medications and he explained there's a new state law that states, "The physician must treat their patient every 3 months for all prescribed pain medication as well as sign a release form". I have been on pain meds for years and never have abused them , sold them, and have taken them as prescribed by my physician. With this new law, I no longer will save any money on my medications through our mail program because the required office visit fee takes that away. Please review this state law and consider those that don't abuse the pain meds and let the physicians file a form stating this patient is in good standings with their pain meds. Once again the good suffers because the illegals ruin it for us. There must be a better solution for us the legal patients. The added cost for me would be $ 120.00 a year more which is almost the yearly savings by using the mail program. In short no savings for me and that's not including my husbands medications.
Kathleen Kiefer
9:35PM FEB 10TH 2012
My son died at the hands of one of these pill mills. Believe me I truly understand the some people truly need these pill but they were meant for persons that were trerminal and their didn't matter if they got addicted because they were dying anyway. It was to make the last years and the quality of live better so they could die with dignity. Unfortunately these drug dealing dr's are drug dealers in white coats. They get these people hooked then they have no where else to go but back to them to get them. They know exactly what they were doing. The government needs to find a why any only specific type of Dr's should be able to prescribe these type drugs. Not pain management dr's only dr who handle cancer patients. A confirmed end of life cancer. These pill are so hard to get off of that unless you have had a loved one addicted to them you have no idea what you are dealing with here. My son died 1 year 10 months and 10 days ago. My heart breaks everyday. I even went and told the Dr he has gotten my son addicted to the oxy, Valium and soma he was giving him and had to stop I had to get him help. He wrote him off to me yet 1 week later he was giving my son pills again. He woulD never hand him a script there office had to fill the script and it was cash only. They would take no insurance even if ou had precription coverage. When my son died I turn them all over to the sheriff with everything I had on them. Every appt. card from the office. What I want to know is what kind of jail time these Dr's that are proven guilty and have overdose deaths in there file. To me that is MURDER especially when the Dr was told by a parent that you son is addicted and you continue to give him a deadly combination of drugs. These Dr's need to get jail time like any drug trafficker and be give more they took and oath to help not kill people for thousands in CASH. What about the drug distributes that distributed more drugs to Dr's them they knew should have ever been distributed. It's all about greed and money and the lack od regaud for life that God gave us. They all will burn in hell God will have the last word in the end.
8:19PM FEB 10TH 2012
I would like to add that I do not believe that 7 people die each day in Florida due to prescription pill drug overdose. That would be approximately 210 overdoses each month and 2520 deaths each year. The national average for deaths caused by car wrecks was 32,885 in 2010. It has been as high as 50,000. Leading cause of death for 15 to 20 yr. olds is car wrecks not drugs. Perhaps the driving age should be upped to 21 as so many young lives are lost in car wrecks.
8:05PM FEB 10TH 2012
Has it occured to our lawmakers that Florida has one of the biggest elderly populations? Thus we have more people with terminal illnesses and chronic pain. These new prescription drug laws were put in use hastily and have caused serious problems for elderly people and even younger people with diseases that cause chronic pain that will only worsen. Innocent people and doctors have been arrested and their names and faces shown all over the news; just because they were "somehow" connected to a doctor or pharmacy that really did commit fraud. Now family doctors won't prescribe pain meds at all for fear of the government. Old people who are still using oxycodone have to "jump through hoops" to get the medicine they've been on for years. The new drug law says "Guilty until proven innocent" and is a slap in the face to every doctor in Florida.
Tara Mandinec
11:48PM FEB 10TH 2012
The state of Florida lawmakers sat on their BUTTS and let this get out of control and now you BRAG about the COUNTRY wide stigma even more so now placed on people that NEED these medications to survive with A TEENY bit of quality to life? DISGUSTING- and the OVER HYPE the media makes WORSENS the situation thats already deplorable-I left the state of Florida because as a spouse of a sufferer of a chronic and progressive and excrutiatingly painful neurological disease, I myself was treated as FILTH filling the prescriptions needed to control the pain that caused my husbands HEART to become damaged it was so bad--and because YOU cant do anything to CONTROL skumbag doctors INNOCENT people have to suffer from pain that is unimaginable? Then do a favor for them CURE THE DISEASES THAT CAUSE PAIN--then you dont NEED opiates for Skumbags to o/d on! Problem solved! I lost everything as a result of Florida saying that my husband was FINE and was without benefits from Social Security for 6 YEARS until a Judge heard his case and in his decision BLASTED the state for what they did to us--but too little to late-BANKRUPTED --couldnt have just STOPPED the skumbags when they started LINING up in DROVES in front of docs offices--NOW you do something--the WRONG thing FIGURES curious WHEN do the people who HURT get any sympathy or there loved ones? or is SYMPATHY only afforded to the Mother of the SKUMBAG that o/d on the medicine he bought off some "guy" and SHOT IT UP to get HIGH? Instead of got it for a REAL pain condition and took it as prescribed so he could just not want to DIVE OFF the balcony to make the pain go away? I sure didnt get sympathy--I got to lose EVERYTHING because of REAL NEED --I got treated and SCREAMED at by a PHARMACIST for being a drug dealer--Johnny OXYo/ds Mommy gets to cry her story to a newspaper reporter or TV camera because he died from the EVIL PILLS?! No he died because he was SELFISH and Before that he made it a thousand times more painful for those who already suffer--CRY about that Mommy--I cry because I cant give my kids what THEY deserve because of what JOHNNY did before the last pill-where are the stories about US? TRY crying a tear for US.

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